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5 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress

Keeping your Calm Through the Holiday Season 

Tis the season for not just being jolly but a whole lot of other things! 

For many, there are shopping lists, menus, entertaining, in-laws and how to make it all happen without losing yourself (and your health) in the process!  

It’s a known fact more people get sick or injured during the holiday season. It may be due to the excessive running around and multi-tasking more than usual which can steer you off course and deplete your immune system.  It’s the Stress!! Stress to your brain, your body means the immune system is amped up to fight the bigger fight!  

In the Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies, June 2017, a randomized controlled study examined the effect of stress on 62 participants who studied or worked at a large public university in southwestern part of the United States. Half the participants received weekly acupuncture treatments and the other half sham treatments once per week for 12 weeks. Stress response was measured by the Cohen's Global Measure of Perceived Stress Scale (PSS-14) completed at regular intervals during this period. Both groups improved in their perception of stress, however the group which received the acupuncture experienced a greater treatment effect and their effects lasted for 3 months after treatment ended. 


When we are stressed our brain’s focus factor declines and this is when the preventable mishaps happen. We lock the keys in the car, miss the step on the ladder hanging the Christmas lights and leave something burning on the stove! 

We created 5 easy strategies to help you keep your nerves under control during this challenging time of the year! 

  1. Set your intentions for a healthy and happy day each morning.  Record them in your daily journal, say them out loud in the shower or to your partner (or pet), or quietly to yourself in meditation. 

  1. Commit to a regular sleep schedule.  Irregular and insufficient sleep adversely affects the brain and speeds up aging! If you are struggling with sleep, consider getting your adrenals checked. Just ask our office about our metabolic health consultations.  


  1. Open your energy channels! Therapies like acupuncture, marma point therapy, and even a lymphatic drainage session improves circulation and fluid flow to move out toxins and boost your energy. 


  1. Reduce to eliminate refined carbs from your diet. Choose fresh, organic, plant-based foods and healthy fats to fuel your brain and regulate your blood sugar and moods. Our farmed produce today significantly lacks the nutrient levels once found in crops just two generations ago. Supplementing with a calming mineral blend helps ease the stress and reduces body tension. 


  1. Time out for a few minutes to breathe, enjoy a cup of tea, soak in a bath of mineral salts. The hustle bustle chaos of holiday season doesn’t stop which is why you need to. 


Don't let stress rob you of your most valuable resource. Without your health, the enjoyment of all aspects of life suffer. Our office focuses on uncovering the underlying reasons of your complaints. We hope our 5 strategies help you stay calm through the hustle bustle energy of the season.  Feel free to call us for a free consultation with one of our practitioners! 623 LP CHIRO